Are you a homeschooler in Bendigo or the surrounding region?  You’re not alone!   Homeschooling is growing all over Australia and the Greater Bendigo region is no exception.  The Greater Bendigo Homeschoolers Community includes families from Bendigo itself and those from further afield.

The aim of the community is to help facilitate the homeschoolers in our region to come together and support each other.  We hope you find this website helpful, make new friends, have new adventures and have fun.  We hope this will be a community for homeschoolers from all over the Greater Bendigo region to connect with each other.

We also have an active Facebook group where members of the homeschooling community can chat, organise, collaborate, and support each other.  Click here to join our Facebook group.  Requests to be added to the Facebook group must be approved, so please be patient with us!  

We look forward to meeting you and sharing in your homeschooling journey.